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A razor (also known as a razor) is a household appliance that can be said to be a must-have for men. Almost every man will have a razor to facilitate daily shaving needs, but today’s razors The industry is constantly in chaos, with many unscrupulous merchants getting involved. Low-quality razor products package themselves to look good and blend in, making it difficult for people to choose real high-quality razor products. So, how to choose a men’s razor? As a personal review blogger, I spent money to purchase more than 20 razor products on the market. After multi-dimensional evaluation, I finally selected five razor products worth buying and share them with everyone!

1. Manual shaver

The structure of a manual shaver is very simple, just a blade and a handle. It is light and portable, and has low production cost, so the price is relatively low. We can also often see manual razors in hotel disposables baskets. Of course, the operation of a manual shaver is also very simple. There are no special precautions. It is just to shave directly on the face. However, you need to pay attention to the strength and direction of shaving to avoid the blade damaging the skin and causing bleeding, redness and swelling, which are safety issues. It must be mentioned that manual razors require water or shaving cream to soften the beard before use, so the whole process is quite time-consuming. And for people with thick beards, manual razors are not suitable for them. Because it is difficult to clean their beards with a manual shaver.

2. Electric shaver

The composition of electric shavers is much more complex, and the cost of materials and technology required for production is also much higher. Naturally, the price is generally higher. However, electric shavers have many advantages. First of all, it does not require shaving cream to be applied in advance to soften the beard like a manual shaver. An electric shaver can be used directly to shave beards, and the shave is clean and efficient. Much higher. In addition, the electric shaver head is equipped with a razor blade, which can greatly reduce the irritation of the blade to the skin, protect the skin, and is safer. And electric shavers will also last longer.

1. Select brands with strong professional capabilities


2. Anti-attenuation performance

As a daily high-frequency household appliance, razors have anti-attenuation design that is very important, because under long-term high-frequency use, razors are prone to motor performance attenuation, shaving jamming, and blade dullness. The problem is that not only is it impossible to shave your beard cleanly, but it is also prone to pulling on the beard and irritating the skin, causing skin sensitivity, redness and swelling. Professional brands can avoid this situation very well. Professional brands will carry out anti-attenuation design in terms of core motor performance and blade sharpness to ensure long-term and high-frequency use of the shaver. It can also maintain stable performance output, avoid problems of power attenuation and blade sticking and pulling, and ensure the shaving clarity and cutting efficiency for a long time to ensure the durability and life of the product.

3. Battery life

For people who frequently use razors, if the razor has poor battery life, it will need to be charged frequently, or it may even suddenly run out of power during use, resulting in the inability to complete shaving, which is a waste of time. Therefore, we should choose a shaver with a high-quality battery and a battery life of about 90 minutes, which can reduce the trouble of frequent charging. It also supports simultaneous charging and five-minute flash charging, making it more convenient to use. Shavers with poor-quality battery materials usually have a battery life of only about 40-50 minutes. They require frequent charging and are prone to power attenuation when the battery is low.

4. Disassembly and cleaning

After using the razor, it is necessary to clean the beard residue and dirt on the blade in time to reduce the growth of bacteria, maintain the cleanliness of the razor and the shaving and cutting efficiency of the blade. There are three types of cutter head removal designs on the market: one-click pop-up, snap-on and magnetic suction. It is recommended to choose a shaver with one-click pop-up head. The removal is more convenient and faster, and it is not easy to lose hair after opening, making it more convenient. ground for cleaning. The two methods of buckle and magnetic suction are more likely to leak whiskers during disassembly, causing whiskers and dirt to stick to the fuselage, making it difficult to clean.

5. Number of blades and nets on the cutter head

The greater the number of blades on the cutter head, the better the shaving efficiency and effect. The preferred three-head + double-layer blade + double-circle razor can better adapt to different facial contours, cover a wider area, increase the shaving speed, and have better shaving effects. It leaves less residue and achieves a clean shave while reducing skin irritation, achieving a smoother and more precise shave. However, the mainstream double-head blades, single-layer blades and single-circle blades on the market cannot achieve this effect because their contact area during shaving is relatively small and they cannot closely fit the facial contour, which will lead to the angle of the chin curve. Larger areas are more difficult to shave, resulting in low shaving efficiency and prone to beard residue.

6. Is there an adaptive body fit design?

The adaptive body fit design refers to the facial contours and beard growth direction of different bodies. It can automatically adjust the angle of the cutter head through intelligent sensing to make it fit the curve of the face and adapt to the beard growth direction, thereby improving shaving efficiency and Clean shave rate. A shaver without an adaptive body-fitting design cannot adapt to the facial curves and beard growth directions of different people, resulting in inefficient shaving and easy friction and irritation to the skin.

7. Cutter head floating angle

The floating head design means that the shaver head can perfectly fit the contours of the face and automatically adjust to the most appropriate angle along with the facial contours. The larger the floating angle of the shaver head, the more flexible the shaver can be during the shaving process. Adjusting the angle from different directions allows the shaver to efficiently shave beards during both forward and reverse shaving. It also reduces the pulling and friction on the skin, improves shaving comfort, protects the skin, and improves shaving efficiency. If the razor head floats too little, it will not be able to fit the facial contour very well, and the beard in some places cannot be shaved. If you want to shave this part of the beard, you can increase the distance between the razor and the face. Pressure can easily cause discomfort and cause damage to the skin.








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